Tuesday, 17 June 2014

New to the Bookblogging Sphere!

Hi people!

Genesis here! I am new to the book blogging part of the internet and I would like to get to know it! I figured that a good way to start is to get to know the people here! Yes, you! So perhaps, comment and let's have a chat!

Random facts about me:

•I live in Canada, eh!

•I like reading *cough*obviously*cough*! Mostly YA and Middle-Grade fantasy.

•I haven't finished reading the Harry Potter series yet! I read the first four(?) books in primary (elementary) but I just didn't continue on because (one) I graduated from primary school and (two) my secondary school library only had them in french. The lazy me didn't wanna buy the books OR get them from the local library and months have passed... and years... until I just lost the will and the desire to read the rest of the books. DON'T WORRY, though, I will read them at some point in my life. But right now, I'm just enjoying reading and exploring a variety of genres. So there's that.

•I am currently in this time period where I just got my passion in reading back. It is slowly sparking and I am hoping that the sparks would eventually grow into beautiful flames. I stopped reading at the age of 12 because secondary school, that's why. UNTIL! October last year, I read the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth and they made me remember why I used to love reading. And I am thankful for that.

•I guess that is it for now. Comment down below because I would like to get to know you and let's be friends!